A crappy winter

We've had about the crappiest winter here since we moved here. There's really only been two days since the end of November where we've needed to use the snowblower. The winter tyres on the car are wearing out because of so much dry road, and when it does get vaguely wintery down in the valley, it's rain. Sure we've had a ton of snow in the mountains, but down here it's been a piss-poor excuse for winter. And now the days are growing longer, it signals the inexorable march towards the dog days of summer, where we have to endure weeks of 40 degree (C) weather.


Still - there's some hope we might have a long, cool spring like we did last year. I'm a winter person. Spring and autumn are just fine, and as far as I'm concerned, summer is that awful three months we have to put up with in the middle of every year where it's hotter than the surface of the sun, the A/C bills are gigantic, and all the gardens are dead from drought.


Anonymous said…
I couldn`t hold back to comment on this. All your winter is here in Latvia, or Europe generally. Since start of December we haven't had a single day of 0C or more. Usually -10C (worst -32C, warmest -3) This winter breaks 87 year old winter records, heavy snowfalls time after time. Road service struggles to remove snow so many roads are like caves - you cant see anything on a sides. At ends of parking lots are huge piles of snow some higher than two stories building. Here we had carpy winters many years before but now we got a prize!
Chris said…
Can I come and stay for a while? :)
Anonymous said…
Sure! Just takes your snowblower with you!
Chris said…
Well my Master Plan (tm) worked! Bitching about the winter on my blog, and washing my car for the first time in two months resulted in : yes - snow today. Not a little bit either - quite a lot, and it looks like its set in for the next couple of days. Deep joy!

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