Spirit Airlines is taking the piss

Apr 6, 2010 | | |

Starting in August, Spirit Airlines are going to take the piss if you try flying with them. Not only do they charge for checked luggage, but they're going to charge $45 each way for carryon bags too. That really is the beginning of the end - if they get away with that, all the airlines will do it. Because flying is already such a luxurious, relaxing experience.
It really is taking the piss too, because unlike a couple of years ago when aviation fuel was at an all time high because of the price of oil, this year it's about average - or more specifically - half of what it was two years ago.


  1. Paul says:

    Just saw this on the morning news. Hopefully the end of Spirit (sorry Spirit employees) but as you say Chris, if they get away with it all the other airlines will do it as well.