How many shoes?

I just watched a little online ad for Souls4Souls - an outfit that provide shoes for children in poorer countries - and at the end of it there was a three-question survey. The last question was "how many pairs of shoes do you own?". The available answers were (1-2), (2-4), (4-10), (10-40), (40-100) and (100 or more).

100 or more? Apart from Imelda Marcos, who owns more than 100 pairs of shoes? I'm in the 2-4 category - 3 pairs of trainers (1 of which are my junk pair for gardening) and one pair of more presentable shoes.


Mystery Girl said…
Remember you did call me Imelda after we discovered how many pairs of shoes, boots and sandals I had when we lived in UK. Now though less than ten:-)

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