Dutch brewery pisses off Budweiser. Again.

Budweiser, the self-proclaimed 'King Of Beers' (king of overpriced cat piss more likely) once again got all uppity at a sporting event. They're the main beer sponsor of the World Cup this year. Bud have a history with being pissy. At the 2006 World Cup, Bavaria beer got one over on them with the orange lederhosen dished out to supporters (remember - they were all forced to take them off, so they all turned up in their underwear to protest?).
Well they've done it again. Same company - Bavaria beer - dressed 36 leggy blondes in Norway supporters gear and got them into the Norway fans area during the Holland v Norway game. Midway through the match, they stripped down to bright orange minidresses mid-game. Orange is of course the Dutch national colour, and the sudden appearance of a swatch of orange in the Norway fans area obviously grabbed the attention of the TV cameras. Free advertising for Bavaria beer, and 2-0 in the Bavaria v Budweiser war. So Budweiser once again got pissed off and threw a temper tantrum. They cried foul and had FIFA arrest the girls and cart them off for prosecution. The girls were let off today when someone official decided that in the grand scheme of things, it really didn't matter, they hadn't committed a crime, it had been blown out of all proportion, and that yes, Budweiser is a pissy, whiny company that manufacturers shit beer.

2006 stunt with orange lederhosen
2010 Bavaria babes


Mystery Girl said…
Budweiser, Budweiser you bunch of pompous assess. Wee sense of humour failure there, it was a publicity stunt. Holland's national colour is ORANGE for crying out loud. I'd hate to sit in at one of Bud's board meetings, I'm guessing all the cushions would be missing by the end.


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