The elusive rattle pt.4

Day 5: The dealer now has the wheel liners out, the door panels out on the passenger side, they've checked and/or replaced the steering links and the suspension bushings and I'm not sure but I think they said they now have bodywork off the car too. The noise is still there and they've admitted its taking far longer than they expected to track down the problem. There is definitely something loose that's shaking and rattling around.
I asked when I could have my car back and they said they didn't know.
My 7-week old car is in pieces, and from my experience that means the chances of it ever being the same again are zero now.
I asked them at what point they give up and what happens next and they told me that if it gets to that stage, a tech is involved from VW Of America - (presumably flown out to the dealer?) and VW corporate take charge.
I feel sick. This is going to be a repeat of what happened with my motorbike. I'm never going to see my Tiguan again :-(


Anonymous said…
Could it be the brake caliper?
Chris said…
Could be but all the front right side is in pieces and they've checked the brake parts.

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