Why do we have to suffer voice-control systems?

I hate technology for the sake of it and voice control systems are the worst offenders. They never work - you end up sounding like an idiot continually repeating yourself and they take more time than it would to just do it normally - ie. using a keyboard or talking to an actual human being. The dictation / typing software available nowadays is a great way to double the time it takes to write a document. You spend half an hour doubling up and repeating yourself to get a page of incomprehensible jibberish, then you spend another half an hour typing it in. Voice-controlled phone dialling is the same - it never gets it right. I actually found myself arguing with my car's computer last week because the bitch couldn't understand the word "home". And best not to get started on automated flight information systems. No, I don't want to fly to Guadalcanal, I said "Salt Lake City"!!!!

Still, if I'd dictated this blog post, what you'd be reading now would be "I rate heck chronology for the brakes are shit and choice and roll sisters are the burst of enders."


Paul said…
Dear God I know exactly what you mean!!!

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