eBay is bent

At the time of writing, my eBay reputation has just been decimated
from an 11 year 100% rating to about 85% because of the bent way the
eBay feedback system works. I had an item for sale that clearly stated
no international shipping. The winning bidder was from Spain. He spent
6 days arguing about the cost of shipping, refusing to pay, and
cancelling payment requests through Paypal. In the end I cancelled the
auction. eBay in their infinite wisdom then allowed him to leave me
negative feedback, whilst only giving me the option to leave positive
feedback. I couldn't give him negative feedback. He broke the contract
of sale which is against the eBay terms and conditions, and when I
complained, eBay sided with the buyer. They refuse to remove his
negative feedback on the grounds that the feedback itself doesn't
break their T's and C's. So its okay to ruin someones eBay reputation
as long as you don't swear in the feedback form. That is totally
corrupt. eBay is well and truly broken for allowing this sort of crap
to happen and then defending the person at fault.


Anonymous said…
I haven`t sold anything on ebay, but as buyer I have seen that you cannot even bid or participate in auction because seller have did "something" so you get message - "bla bla you are registered in county bla seller bla you cannot bla". So maybe (by the ebay rules) just writing "no international" won`t give you first hand on arguing later. I don`t know. But still there must be some higher institution that could sort this out properly. Or world is just evil.
Paul said…
Sorry to hear that Chris. I had a similar issue with TradeMe in NZ. I always tried to be fair but that shot me in the foot.
Oh well, it is what it is I guess. Hopefully it won't affect you in hte long run.

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