It's like working in a hospital

The mornings are nice and dark now - the best time of year is fast approaching and it brings out a certain oddity in one or two of my work colleagues. I don't know who they are because I never see them do it but it's this : they like working in full-intensity bright light. Our office has strip lighting in ceiling fixtures where one strip is controlled by one circuit, and the other two are controlled by a second circuit. On dark mornings, it's lovely to come in and have subdued lighting - just the one strip per box. But every morning, about 10 minutes after I get in, someone turns them all on and it's blinding white. Makes you squint. It's like working in the glow of a nuclear bomb. So every morning I go and turn the two-bar off again and eventually someone comes in and turns off the one-bar but turns the two-bar back on. It's so bad that I've taken all the lights out of the fixture above my desk and put a sticky note in the fixture telling maintenance not to replace them.
I don't get it - why do people want to work under harsh, direct lighting? Have these people never heard of Ikea? (actually, here in Mormonia, they probably haven't. I'm sure Ikea is the work of the devil or something).


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