Top Gear USA

Well. Top Gear US sucks in a way I thought was previously impossible. Three blocks of wood who can't read a script and aren't funny. They have zero chemistry together, and all they're doing is copying TG UK almost segment for segment, stunt for stunt. They did a Viper vs. a Cobra helicopter tonight which was a direct copy of when Clarkson went up against an Apache. Only on Top Gear USA it was neither funny nor exciting.
They previewed a segment showing one of them in a car sealed up, filled with water, being driven on their track (copy) and they even showed a preview of one of the presenters hopping out of a car with a lousy handbrake on a hill - a direct copy of Hammond doing it. I think they even choreographed the way he got out of the car to try to be identical.
Their main driver, Tanner Foust, is 8 kinds of gay and the fat bearded presenter is just objectionable in every way possible. (Rutledge Wood? WTF is that?)
None of the three of them have any excitement in their presentation and the third guy was so forgetful I can't even remember his name. And I'm watching the show right now!
Even the interview for star in a reasonably priced car was appallingly artificial and wooden - I think even Buzz Aldrin was reading from a script.
Top Gear USA sucks so badly I can't even find a metaphor for it.


Unknown said…
I agree 100% and half way through i turned on OnDemand and watched the UK version... Long Live TG UK... PLEASE DIE TG USA
Anonymous said…
While I haven't seen Top Gear USA, I felt exactly the same way about the Australian version when it first screened.

However, I have to admit that as the first season progressed, the Australian presenters started to find their own way and it improved dramatically. Still not as good as the 'real' Top Gear though.
Anonymous said…
Its miserably bad. Like the OP says. I can't believe they could take the most popular tv show on the planet and butcher it any worse. The 3 stiffs they call hosts are all equally worthless.
Anonymous said…
It Sucks
Long Live TG UK
Please Die TG USA
Anonymous said…
Top gear US is a joke
Errol R Barrett said…
OMFG I cannot believe what they did to this show. i mean these guys took something brilliant and made a complete mockery of it! this show is utterly lame and all aspects and unbearable to watch! they should just stop and give up because they missed the whole fucking concept to begin with and that was CHEMISTRY!! these guys are DULL boring as all hell and as others said blocks of wood. not happy with tgusa... and it's on the history channel how lame is that?!
Anonymous said…
When it first aired my wife and I watched about 30 minutes and without saying a word we shut it off. The US version is an abomination in every way. Their chemistry is that of 3 strangers making the best of being stuck in an elevator.
It is bland and lifeless because the hosts are just awful and they need to be put down.


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