These people need to get out more

The annual complaining has started in Provo today. Victoria's Secret
put their Christmas display up and of course all the local parents are
having an outcry. They're complaining that they don't want their kids
to see the ads, and in some cases the parents are saying that the
sight of photos of women in underwear and swimwear makes them
'uncomfortable'. It's Victoria's Secret - how else are they supposed
to advertise? If these people don't want their kids to see the ads,
they don't have to walk past the store. I hate to think what the
Provo-ites would think if they ever left their little town, or heaven
forbid, their state or country. They'd be horrified with the real
world. And I have to wonder - if these parents are 'uncomfortable' at
the sight of underwear - what are they wearing under their own
clothes? Are they going commando, or wearing cut up potato sacks or


Mystery Girl said…
Oh great now I'm going to be looking at people thinking skimpies, potato sack or commando. Thanks for that glorious mental image!!
Chris said…
You're welcome :-X
Anonymous said…
You are closer with the potato sacks .... but I believe they are called "garments". Much less tempting than thongs. It's a wonder they have so many children?

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