Jan 7, 2011 | | |

If you're lucky enough to work for a company that doesn't do trade
shows, you won't really know what the trade show grind is. If you've
been to a trade show, thank your lucky stars if it wasn't CES - the
consumer electronics show. It's the biggest electronics trade show in
the world and to say 'big' really doesn't do it justice. We just
finished day 1 of pounding the floor, fortunately as visitors rather
than vendors, and it's unlike any other show you could imagine.
Panasonic and Samsung have battleship-sized exhibits here. There are
thousands of other vendors too from the electronics giants right down
to the startups that have basically bankrupted themselves to get a
booth here in the hope of scoring their big break. It's an experience,
that's for sure.

Chris (from my NerdPhone)