Making time.

With my videogame-like attention span these days, I don't make enough
time to do certain things any more. I have something like 34
days-worth of music in iTunes now but I have no real idea what some of
the older stuff is. That's why random play is useful. And in random
play today, an old Frankie Goes To Hollywood track came up. Not Relax,
but Welcome To The Pleasuredome. So on my puddlejumper flight to
Oklahoma, I made time to listen to the whole album, end to end,
probably for the first time since 1987. No remixes. No DJs. Just The
World Is My Oyster right through to Bang! Now I love Relax. It's
pretty much my go-to track for just about any occasion. But I
remembered today how much more awesome it is when listened to in
context with the whole album. I guess what I'm getting at here is that
if you're sick and tired of the 3 minute Justin Bieber specials that
pollute the chart nowadays, dig up and old album you have lying around
and listen to the whole thing. Make the time. It was a pleasant break
from Armin Van Buuren and trance music for me today.


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