The Royal Wedding

Please make it stop. No - seriously - make it stop. We don't need 24/7 blanket coverage of some couple getting married.
I'm not sure why royal weddings garner so much attention. I suppose it's because people nowadays seem to revel in the goings-on of celebrities but that too is something I don't understand.
At it's core, this is a guy who is famous because of the family he was born into, marrying a woman who is shortly to become famous for being married to someone famous. Everyone will have a wonderful day, and there'll be tea and crumpets and the entire country will get a day off for some reason. Spirits will be raised for a couple of hours and everyone will be friends, but then shortly afterwards, reality will come crashing in and then everyone will return to their everyday lives and it will all be forgotten about.
The royal wedding isn't going to solve the financial crisis, or help someone who's just lost their house, or help out the victims of the disasters in Japan. Yet it will get tons of attention lavished upon it and for what? It's just two people getting married. Wouldn't the money that Hello magazine will no doubt pay for exclusive photos be better spent helping out people that actually deserve attention as oppose to the royal family, who are the last people that need attention (or money for that matter). Maybe a low-key private ceremony would be more appropriate than blowing millions of taxpayer's pounds on a high-profile, self-promoting luvvie-fest? The money not spent on the wedding could be used to benefit William's mum's landmine charity. Or cancer research.
And why are the Americans so obsessed with it .... ?


Mark N. said…
Paul said…
I think Chris is a closet Royalist and he's just trying to divert attention :-)
Paul said…
But that aside, I agree with you. Luckily, because I'm away from home working at remote radio sites I didn't see any of it :-)

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