Applying religion to road accidents

There was a nasty accident on one our favourite motorcycling roads yesterday morning. A blocked culvert resulted in a 20ft section of road collapsing into a 40ft deep hole. It happened around 2am and the road is right out in the boonies and completely unlit. A couple of girls didn't see it and drove right into it, being killed instantly as their car slammed into the wall of the hole and then rolled over and fell 40ft to the bottom. That's bad enough but they had their parents on TV last night and one of the mothers said this:
"I guess the Lord had more important plans for her than I did."

I have no patience for religious lunacy like this. No mystical being that lives in the clouds had any plan for her daughter. It was a tragic accident that is entirely explainable.

Lets put it this way - if there was a God and his plan was to kill this girl in a tangled mess of crushed metal at the bottom of a 40ft ditch, that isn't a supreme being I'd want anything to do with.


Anonymous said…
This is what happens when people are so insecure that they need a "purpose" for everything that ever happens to them, especially the "bad" stuff. The thought that random events will occur is just too frightening to them to accept.

Paul said…
Agree completely Chris (and Rhino for that matter).

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