Energy efficient? It's just about printing dollar bills!

Holy shitballs batman!
We had a new air conditioning condenser unit installed about 7 weeks ago. I wanted something a bit newer because the old one sounded like a diesel train. The newer ones are supposedly more energy efficient.

Well they're not bloody kidding.

Since 2005, our electricity bill for July into August has been anything from $95 at the low end to $150 at the high end. It's never been below $90 since we bought the house 9 years ago. We have a fairly consistent usage too - TV and console gaming in the evening, several loads of washing a week, AC during the day and so on - we're creatures of habit.

Today I received our bill for the same time period this year: $85.
So I checked the kWh usage to make sure there wasn't something dodgy going on with the pricing. Turns out, as you'd expect the price of electricity has only gone up, so it has to be the actual usage that caused the drop in price. I'll say:

This year, 818kwH, average daytime temp was 78F, average kWh/day was 26
2010, 1084kwH, average daytime temp was 81F, average kWh/day was 36
2008, 1091kwH, average daytime temp was 79F, average kWh/day was 36
2007, 1091kwH, average daytime temp was 79F, average kWh/day was 37
2006, 1109kwH, average daytime temp was 80F, average kWh/day was 38



Anonymous said…
That's a 28% improvement, and that's SIGNIFICANT! Glad to see there's some truth behind the hype.

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