I'm sore.

We'd planned a little motorbike ride today - 200 miles or so - but with some on-the-fly rejigging and a the addition of some extra mountain routes, we ended up doing 380 miles instead. I'm bloody knackered. The good news is that we did the best 40 miles of motorcycle road in the country twice - once down and once up Huntington canyon. Wide sweeping turns with very few side roads. Perfect road surface, zero traffic, excellent sight lines in every bend. There is a 45mph speed limit on it though which is a total crime against road users. In a car you can safely and easily average 65mph. On a bike, the average is closer to 80mph. Actually - I tell a lie - we did see one other road user in the 80 mile round trip down and up the canyon. It was a guy in a tricked-out Lancer Evo 10 who was obviously enjoying the road as much as we were. The best part is that since the mining accident down that way a few years ago, the mine was closed so there's no truck traffic any more, and unless you're going from A to B, there's no reason to use that road. And not many people go from A to B that way anyway - they tend to stick to the longer but allegedly quicker route out on the flat. Actually no - the best part is that in all the times we've been up and down that road, we've never seen a police car, sheriff, or any form of law enforcement.
Which is all great news for those of us who enjoy riding / driving.

The Huntington Canyon Assault Team:


Paul said…
Now all you have to do is hope there aren't any local Police or Sheriffs that read your articles :-)

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