I think road construction bureacracy is everywhere

You know the old story - why is it as soon as a road is filled in, it's no sooner dug up again. Why can't the utility companies and construction crews get in sync? Where I work there are only two ways out of the research park; an area the size of a university campus that employs some 10,000 people - perhaps more. There are only two ways out of the park by road. One is two left-turn lanes, the other is a single right-turn lane. Today, less than a month since the intersection at the right turn lane was dug up and finally resurfaced for the first time in 10 years, it was closed and dug up big-time. We don't know what's going on but they've cut that exit route off completely. This means that the other way out is now trying to cope with all the outgoing traffic in the afternoon and because of the layout of the road, the only way to get on to it is to turn left across traffic coming into the park. Of course, drivers being what they are, none of them leave any gaps when the traffic stops moving, so you can't turn across traffic to join the exodus because there's nowhere to join. The result is obvious. Mile-long queues to get out of the park and queues 40 to 50 cars deep on all the feeder roads because nobody can turn left to join the main exit. And the result of that is obvious too - crashes galore - reducing the two lanes down to one. So basically, we have just lost 2/3 of the road capacity for leaving work in the afternoon. Guess I'll be coming home at 3pm for the next 3 weeks then ....


Anonymous said…
The answer is obvious! Ride to work.
Chris said…
Doesn't help. Closed road = closed road and you can't legally filter between lines of traffic here.

Which is bollocks, by the way.

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