Syncing iCloud to Google.

I've become an Apple fan over the last few years and I like the iCloud features that came with iOS5. But up to this point, my go-to calendar has been Google Calendar, which I sync with outlook at home for a local 'backup' if you like. The utility I use at home is called GsyncIt. Works really well. Allows syncing between multiple calendars at home as well as those on Google. But lo - iCloud cometh forth. And so the big question - can you sync google calendar with iCloud?
The quick answer is no - not yet.
The long answer is yes and it's easy.
First, make sure you've got Outlook syncing with Google Calendar using GSyncIt. Next, setup the Windows version of iCloud to sync the iCloud calendar with your Outlook calendar. When it does this, it will merge your existing calendars into new iCloud calendars, and your old 'personal' ones in Outlook will vanish. Never fear, all your stuff is still there, it's just in a different folder.
Now, the piece de resistance. Go into the GsyncIt settings, and point the local calendars at the new iCloud-created Outlook calendars. It will want to do a total re-sync but when it's done, Outlook on your PC becomes the conduit between Google Calendar and iCloud via GSyncIt.
It sounds complicated but it really isn't. I'm well chuffed that I got that figured out. It means I can point my iPhone at either Google Calendar or iCloud calendar now and they're both in sync.
Why, you ask?
Because I could.


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