So about that rapture thing.

Remember Harold Camping? That religious nut who predicted the end of the world 12 months ago today? I wonder how things are working out for him?
It always makes me giggle when nutters like him make those sorts of predictions. They're so adamant in their belief that the idea they could be wrong is completely beyond them. What's bothersome though is when they manage to get others onto their side and waste their lives too. I'm thinking of the various suicide cults that we've seen over the past couple of decades - flying up to the UFO hidden in the tail of the comet etc. I know the world is a diverse place and some people are more easily led than others, but I find it despicable that people will masquerade as religious fanatics because they know they can attract the weak-willed. David Koresh, Harold Camping, Marshall Applewhite, Warren Jeffs. They're all the same. Persuasive lunatics who get their kicks from destroying the lives of others. They all choose to reinvent religious tales to suit their own needs and then sell others on these ideas with the ultimate intent of one of three things: sex (rape, polygamy, child sex, human sex slave trafficking), death by suicide (by which many of the founders miraculously seem to be unaffected), or money (draining their bank accounts). History is littered with them. I just wish people would learn from history - on all fronts, not just this one. So many mistakes could be prevented by a little education and research.
I wonder if I have these views because I'm not easily led - because I'm a natural skeptic. You founded a whole religion based on us being sneezed out of a volcano and you had monkeys flying spaceships? Bollocks, I say, but tens of thousands will look at that and think "yeah, I can go with that."
Our world is a properly odd place in which to live.


Paul said…
I can relate to this incredibly well. I'm originally from Christchurch, NZ. As you may, or may not, be aware Christchurch has had several serious earthquakes in the last 18 months resulting in close to 200 deaths. Out of the rubble have appeared a couple of people who are predicting the next "big one".

Now, I don't know what their real agenda is but it has terrified hundreds, if not thousands, of people, including my daughter who still lives in Christchurch. They make me sick that out of some warped sense of "whatever" they think they have a right to scare the crap out of people who are trying to rebuild their lives after months of seemingly neverending rumbling and shaking.

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