And so with the Iraq handover complete, El Busho turns his attentions back to trying to scare the cr*p out of the American public by diverting attention away from Iraq and back to Al Qaeda. Remember of course that just 18 short months ago, Al Qaeda had been defeated and was no longer a threat.

Officials say Tom Ridge thinks it is time to again raise public awareness. Because there is no plan to raise the threat level and only general information, some Democrats privately have questioned whether the timing of the announcement is politically motivated. They note that the latest information from the Bush administration about possible terrorist attacks comes the same week that the Democratic presidential ticket made its debut, garnering significant media attention. And of course it's nothing to do with failing numbers and the soaring popularity of Farenheit 9/11.

So the plan then. Let's see. Scare everyone now with non-specific warnings of vague threats. Tell everyone that Bin Laden is behind the recent threats. Wait a couple of weeks and raise the threat level to Tang. Potentially a few weeks later, raise it to Strawberry Delight for the first time and then conveniently, after some well-planned covert military action, produce Osama for the world to see, drop the level down to 7-up for the first time, and hope that it buys the November vote.



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