God forbid you should think for yourself.

The last vestiges of personal responsibility are being swept neatly away back in England, with the introduction of a ban on fast food advertising before 21:00 on TV. This is a pilot scheme. What will follow is "traffic light" colour-coding on all foods, followed by a ban on selling fast food after 21:00. This is all, apparently, in a bid to cut down on obesity.
It's obvious right from the start that it's a scheme thought up by politicians. The first, and most obvious question is : how are they going to police a ban on fast food after 21:00? Are they going to appoint a Cholesterol Tsar? Is he going to hire hundreds of thousands of people to travel around every night making sure those evil kebab vans are not operating? Of course not - don't be ridiculous. This scheme can never work, ergo there must be a financial benefit in it somewhere.
Digging through the fine print, there it is : fines. Ah yes, the light dawns. They'll introduce a ban, knowing full well there is no way in hell of policing it, then just fine every fast food chain knowing full well they all stay open until after 21:00.
It is, in fact, a fat tax.

As for the colour coding - another idea obviously thought up by the stuffed shirts in government. Red = bad, yellow = ok, green = good. Great. So what do you do with tomatos - an intrinsically red vegetable which is extremely good for you? Stick a green sticker on it?



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