US Alienating itself, part 3.

Hundreds of US soldiers have swept through the western Iraqi town of Haditha, searching homes and seizing suspected insurgents. At a ratio of 15 troops for every one household, this is clearly cementing the US as hostile occupiers rather than liberators. It seems the troops tore apart most of the houses, arresting civilians and even killing some of them. The BBC reports one guy was hauled out of his house, blindfolded, had a number written on his forehead and thrown in the back of a truck. Apparently he had "too much ammunition" for his registered gun.
The US continues to trample on human rights and this latest incident is further evidence that "President" B*sh needs to be impeached. For as long as he is at the helm, the world is getting less safe by the day. Countries all over the world are taking their lead from America's wanton disregard for human rights and the Geneva Convention. B*sh needs to employ more brains and less military if he wants to see this term out. As long as he lets warmongers like Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rice give him "advice", the planet is sitting on a powderkeg waiting to explode.
And when it does, the US will likely be the first to shrug their shoulders and say "well don't blame us!"


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