B*sh is a power crazed lunatic

Ok all joking and B*sh-bashing aside, this is serious now. The man has to be removed from power, and quick. Why? Because US is considering rewriting its nuclear doctrine for the age of terrorism. A Pentagon planning document, the Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations, urged by B*sh, spells out America's willingness to use nuclear weapons in a preemptive strike if terrorists threaten the US or its allies with weapons of mass destruction.
This is so bad on so many levels its difficult to know where to start. For one, America's concept of WMD doesn't match the rest of the world - there are only three WMDs - nuclear bombs, neutron bombs, and hydrogen bombs. (The US has all three) Chemical and biological weapons are absolutely not WMD, they are weapons of genocide, and there is a b-i-g difference.
And for seconds, B*sh and Rumsfeld have already proven that the concept of a "preemptive war" is flawed and doesn't work, yet have done it. From this we can learn that no amount of safeguards in the house or senate can prevent B*sh from doing something stupid.
The only safeguard built into the current draft of this document is that any such attack would require "explicit orders from the president."
Well that makes me feel much safer. B*sh, who has shown he can make good decisions before, during, and after disasters will now have the ability to blow up any part of the world he wants if he simply feels threatened. And thanks to MAD, he'll be basically bringing about the End Of Days.
Full info on this terrifying development here.

I beg, plead and grovel at the feet of anyone who can help - STOP B*SH NOW before its too late. This is not a joke any more - the man is going to destroy this planet unless he's stopped right now.


Anonymous said…
Hey Buddy, Get A Life! Travel the world and you will experience in person all those who are willing to 'kill' you just because you live in North America.

Living in Utah must make some people stupid!

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