Bang bang, you're dead.

Some guy learned an important lesson about joking about bombs on aircraft today - don't. He used threatening language on an American Airlines 757 and then claimed he had a bomb. When confronted by the onboard air marshall, he refused to comply, ran down the aisle of the plane and reached into his bag. These are not the actions of someone wanting to live long. The air marshall shot him and he died at the scene. No explosives were found. Someone travelling with him said he was mentally ill and hadn't taken his medication. Okay fine, how was anyone else supposed to know that? And even then, you simply do not joke about shit like that in an aircraft, mentally ill or not. And frankly, having made that "joke" you don't run away from a gun-wielding air marshall who is instructing you to get down.
I'm sure the facts surrounding what happened will come to light in the next week, but on initial inspection I say "well done air marshall" and "tough luck dead guy".


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