Deep Freeze

Ready for this? It's -14.7°C this morning. With a minus. Apparently that's warm compared to how cold its going to get tonight ....

It snowed like a sonofabitch last night though. The snow was drifting most of the afternoon but at about 15:00 it came on hard, right in time for the evening commute. I was installing my new hard drive and discovered the "gotcha" which is that they included everything except the SATA power cable so I had to go out and get one. By the time I went out it was mor(m)ons on ice big-time. There were SUVs up on the kerb, on their sides, on their roofs, ploughed into concrete pillars, in the sides of trucks - it was SUV carnage. Notably I didn't see one car-related accident - they were all SUVs. But then if people are stupid enough to buy and drive one, then they're stupid enough to believe an SUV is a safe vehicle in the snow. Makes me laugh.

Anyhoo, this morning, the crisp -14°C air has given us a fantastic view across the valley from the orifice.


Anonymous said…
Wow - what a view! I'm jealous. I.

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