Bloody iTunes 6!

Since upgrading to iTunes 6, JHymn will no longer strip the DRM from my music purchases. Those bastards at Apple have screwed everyone over again. Once more I'm now stuck with music on one machine - I can't burn it to an mp3 CD for the car, I don't own an iPod and I can't take it home. What the fuck use is downloadable music if I can't do with it what I want? This whole RIAA and fair use thing has got to stop. It's destroying the music industry.
Oh well - back to downloading illegally then. Sorry RIAA - you can blame Apple for this one. It's not my fault you nazi's won't let me listen to music anywhere I want after I've purchased it. So I'll just stop purchasing it again.
Thanks to JHymn, you nearly had me sold on the idea, but now you've locked it up tight again, you can all go fuck yourselves.


David said…
100% agreement from me!
Anonymous said…
tunebite ( I think) strips all that DRM crap - it works, is legal and above all cheap. Little loss of quality but nor enough to notice if you are re-recording the stuff for car or portable player

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