Today's lyrics quiz

Winamp is on random play, skipping sweetly through 5.01Gb of 80's music. This one popped up and I thought the lyrics were very relevant, for some reason. So name this tune:
The place where I come from is a small town
They think so small
They use small words
-but not me
I’m smarter than that
I worked it out


Mark N. said…
Peter Gabriel - Big Time
Van said…
That's right!

Another one who's stuck -like me- in the 80's when it comes to music.
Seems the only right thing to stick to, btw, listening to todays sorry excuse for what they call music...

I think I have only 1G of modern post 80's music on MP3 in a just under 40G music mix. Are we stuck in the good ol' days, or are we getting old?

From an Ex-Dutchie living in Denmark.
Chris said…
I think we're getting old.
Of terwel - ik denk dat wij oud zijn.

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