Let there be light!

And there was. And you could see the farthest reaches of the family room. Yes, we have light again in the basement. Well, part of it anyway.

In other news, all women drivers in Utah should be shot the moment they walk into the DMV looking for a license. I swear the accident rate would plummet if we did that. I hit the pentafecta this morning. Asian(1) woman(2), on a cellphone(3), driving an SUV(4), in Utah (5).
Of course there's no prize for getting the pentafecta. Instead, I was rewarded with a near-death experience as she drifted out of the side road on my left and drove across both kerbs and the grass median dividing the road, bumped down into my lane and then stopped dead. She was in a total daze, yakking away on her cellphone, parked in the middle of the road.
What the fuck, woman?


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