No more Rose Tyler. Was that wise?

We watched the season finale of Doctor Who last night and they finally wrote Rose Tyler out of the show. They changed Doctors on us after the first series and now they've gotten rid of the other key character. I'm not sure that's a clever thing for the old Beeb to have done. I could be wrong. They were happily salvaging Doctor Who from the old days of nauseatingly long story lines and changing characters, and now it looks like they've fallen off the wagon. I don't know why they've done it either. The new series has been winning award after award and rave reviews. Changing both lead characters seems like the sort of moronic thing a US network would do.
We'll have to see how it pans out later in the year but I'm not holding high hopes for the next season :-(
Still - she's trapped on a parellel earth, so if the new assistant sucks donkey balls, I guess they can write her back in. There's a faint glimmer of hope.


Anonymous said…
AIUI Billie Piper decided she didn't want to stay on for another series of Dr. Who. According to a report I heard on the radio (BBC) they offered her lots more money and a contract allowing her to take on other work, but she still refused.

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