Wolf Creek and Indian Canyon

Another great ride today. We started at about 9:00 and went the indirect route up I80 past Jordanelle reservoir and over Wolf Creek to Duchesne. I think it was about 3°C most of the way but the roads were great. We had lunch at a well dodgy cafe in Duchesne at which point a truck pulled up with an Elk's head in the back of it. All the locals came out to look and coo and gasp. I just looked at the truck and figured it was the typical senseless slaughter, made even worse by the fact that they took the head and left the carcass. Fucking hunters. There's no skill involved in taking a high-powered rifle with a sniper scope, enticing an elk to come to you and then shooting it. That's not hunting, it's the pastime of a trigger-happy, lazy redneck.
But I digress. The ride from Duchesne out through Indian Canyon was spectacular - I reckon actually better than Wolf Creek - and we ended up at the mine / power station at Price where the Indian Canyon road meets highway 6. Whilst we were stopped, we were buzzed by a full rake coal train hauling ass uphill. 4 engines at the front, then 90 trucks full of coal, then another 6 engines mid-rake, then another 90 trucks also full of coal. Bloody impressive.
I could have done without the 94 mile slog back up highway 6 and I-15 but there you go.


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