Coming soon to a UK street corner near you?

Apart from being caught on CCTV several hundred times a day, those poor fools back in England might soon be able to look forward to an extra couple of hundred doses of radiation a day. In the name of "anti terrorism", plans have been drawn up to install millimetre-wave x-ray scanners in lamp posts. When you walk past, they x-ray you looking for bombs, drugs, guns and knives.
I won't even go into how wrong this is on so many levels, because no matter how much the stuffed shirts claim "they've never heard of this plan", I have no doubt that England being what it is, these things are probably already installed and in use. And if they're not in-use now, then certainly no amount of investigation by the press or complaints by the public will stop them. After all, Britain is the most surveilled country in the world. Strange, then, that the crime rate is so high. Almost makes you believe that all those CCTV cameras don't cut crime at all. I'm sure that's just hogwash though. The politicians and officials say that they cut crime, so it must be true.
BBC story.


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