Divine Strake back on again

Here we go again. The Divine Strake test is back on.
Just to remind you all, Divine Strake is a plan to detonate a 700-ton heavy ammonium nitrate fuel oil emulsion bomb 11m deep in the Nevada test site. Divine from Bush's intolerable belief that God is telling him to wage war (oddly, not reported in America, but made the headlines everywhere else in the world last year), and Strake from the definition of a plank of wood used to level or wipe-clean sand laid in construction. In other words, Bush perceives this bomb to be a holy weapon designed to wipe the sand clean. And by Sand he means Desert. And by Desert he means Iraq.

The Nevada test site is the same one that is still off-limits because of radiation from the original atom bomb tests. The "officials" from the government say there's nothing to worry about, because the bomb isn't nuclear. Well that's shovelling horsehit by the bucketload isn't it? They neatly sidestep the simple facts that a 700-ton bomb WILL create a 10,000ft mushroom cloud and it WILL aerosol radiation-laced sand back into the air. A 5-year old could tell you that.

There was a so-called public hearing held tonight at a private hotel here in Salt Lake where the public were thrown out for attending. On-camera, one of the stuffed shirts could be heard telling a guy "this is not a public forum." Nice.

So what to do? Tin foil hats? Anti-radiation tablets? Bring old Dubya himself to witness the test in person so he gets a good dose of radiation with the rest of us?

Let's hope we can all put up enough pressure again to stop these retards going ahead with this "test" because the objective of it can only be one thing : to simulate how a small "tactical" nuke would work in Iraq. And if the government is seriously considering that, the whole planet is totally screwed.


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offtopic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCkYfYa8ePI

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