Stinky Scooby :-(

The Subaru smells like it might have fallen foul of the Impreza Raw Fuel Smell syndrome. Apparently when it gets cold enough, some of the fuel rails and rubber hoses on Impreza engines loosen off and they leak raw fuel on to the passenger side cylinder heads. It stank pretty bad when Paula came home tonight - she'd noticed it after the Scooby had sat parked in -10°C all afternoon. I took it out and the smell went away pretty quick - I guess as the engine bay heated up. I'm going to try to get it in to be looked at tomorrow morning if possible. I don't like the idea of a fuel leak, even if does only happen when the engine is cold. I want it sorted out, whatever it is.


Anonymous said…
Whatever happened here? My WRX is having the same problem.
Chris said…
Check the next post, or go here to find out :

On the WRX it's the fuel rail on the passenger side under the intake manifold.

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