Looting the Napoli

It's good to see standard have dropped so low back in England. In Devon, the Brits' latent criminality has come to the surface after the MSC Napoli beached off the coast and containers started washing ashore. Hundreds of people have been looting the containers for SUVs, car parts and BMW motorbikes. The police have been totally useless (as they always are in England) and have basically given everyone forms to fill in to declare what they've taken. Because that's going to work.
These fuckers who are looting the ship obviously don't think anything of it, but they'll be the first to complain when the price of cars or motorbikes goes up. Then they won't be able to see the correlation. I think that whole country is in need of some martial law - the police are too soft on the crimes that count, and too Nazi on those that don't. 5mph over the speed limit? You're a criminal. Looting, robbing, mugging? That's fine - just don't be too overt about it. All the police need to be replaced by actual police officers and those news ones all need to be given guns and told to shoot these bastards on sight. That's the only way retards like this are ever going to learn.
I remember when the original Police Academy films came out, Sgt. Hooks was such a laugh because she was so short and incapable. That was in the days when there were standards to get into the police. Now, because of political correctness, half the police in England are under 6ft tall, none of them carry weapons and as a result, they're the laughing stock of the crime world. The only people afraid of the police any more are motorists, because so much time is spent criminalising them for nothing that it's nearly impossible to drive a car over there any more. So I suppose in essence, we can blame the police for the looting of this ship - if the police were any good (or even cared), then they'd have had SWAT teams down there guarding the containers. Instead, they're just standing there watching. I wouldn't be surprised if they're helping some of the looters get stuff off the beach.


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