Blog spamming - it used to be called trolling.

Back in the good ole' days before the internets (the series of tubes), when JANET ruled and remembering the unique numerical ID of a remote computer required the memory of an elephant, people used to hop on and off the usenet groups dropping inflamatory comments here and there. Initially, the newsgroups took them seriously but eventually we all realised that these characters were trolls - as in they trolled the newsgroups looking to drop comments simply for the purpose of starting an argument (a flamewar, no less; is still full of them even today)
So now I have my very own troll. I thought it was a spambot at first so I changed my blog to require verification for the comments and it didn't stop. It turns out some woman keeps spamming this blog with strange comments. Once the verification ruled out a spambot, I'd assumed it was a bloke but as my wife pointed out yesterday, the comment-leaver's name is a woman's name. So everyone give a warm 'hello' to my little troll-ette, ML.

What's particularly funny is that she keeps doing it despite my continued removal of the comments. I'm not sure but I think I've attracted a second troll too now. CF keeps leaving comments here and there which I also have to delete. Even funnier, ML and CF are arguing with each other in the comments to my blog. Come on you two - get a life! CF if you're itching for a fight, pop over to ML's blog and do it there! You just look silly doing it here. Especially when I delete your comments too. You know it's only a single mouseclick to disable comments completely then you'll have to go elsewhere.....

Recurse : see recursion.
Recursion : see recurse.

Makes me laugh anyway.


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