Serial witness

I thought another post about my peculiar ability to witness accidents was worthwhile. You can see below when accident number 12 happened. Number 11 was a couple of weeks ago on the way to lunch. The guy two cars in front indicated to turn right, then stopped part way around the corner with no warning. The guy behind him, in front of us, ran straight into the back of him.

Accident number 10 was a week before that. On the way out to poker night, coming down 21st South. Two cars - one on a street to my left and one to the right, both wanting to turn out and each turn left into 2100S. There was a nice gap in the traffic in front so they both pulled out, both turned left and ran head-on into each other right in the middle of the street.

Accident 9 was last year. A red pickup truck going north on Foothill drive in the left lane suddenly decided he needed to turn right at Sunnyside. So he did. He carved across four lanes of morning rush-hour traffic and drove straight into a cyclist in front of me, nearly killing them.

Accident 8 was also last year. A woman using her laptop on the passenger seat didn't see that all the traffic in front of her had stopped and drove headlong into the back of the truck in front of her. Doing 40mph. In a school zone.

Accident 7, also last year, the woman in front of me in a red minivan, talking on her cellphone, drove through three lines of stationary traffic at a red light and shot out into the intersection where she t-boned an old man in a white sedan. That was kind of unique because the horn in her minivan stuck on - something I thought only happened in movies.

Accidents 1 through 6 are a little vague now - I'll post them if I remember them, but accidents 13 onwards will be posted here complete with crappy cellphone picture if I've got it with me.


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