Trolley Square shooting and CCWs.

Here's the thing. According to the Deseret news, of all the people interviewed and debriefed by the police when they were evacuated from Trolley Square mall, apparently 18 of them had concealed carry permits and were carrying at the time. The NRA bangs on about the right to carry guns to defend yourself, yet here are 18 peoplewho had guns on them and didn't have the balls to try to stop the shooter. For the most part, most of the pro-gun apologists will never be presented with a situation where they actually need to use their guns. Yet right there, in Trolley Square, when the chips were down and the perfect opportunity presented itself, 18 gun-carrying chickenshits ran away. To those 18 people I ask this : where the hell was your sense of community? What is the point of carrying a weapon to defend yourself if, when needed, you won't defend yourself? You people should be ashamed. If any one of you had had the balls to exercise that permit you carry so preciously, you could probably have stopped the senseless deaths of 5 people. I guess the whole concealed permit and carrying a gun thing is just for bravado, because clearly not one of you had the stones to actually put yourself in harms way and excercise your cherished right to carry a gun.

This situation just makes the NRA and the US gun laws look even more assinine than they already were.


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