The Blair Ditch Project

Praise your lords, for Blair is gone. It's too late of course, in the same way that Tiffany posing for Playboy was 18 years too late.

So Prescott or Brown are going to take over the country. It's a clever ploy that normally works in a country as corrupt as England. Let the public vote for the PM, then get him to step down and replace him with the person the government really wanted in power without a general election. That's what we call "democracy" in England.

Christ. It would be like Bush stepping down and Cheney taking over. Talk about a bad situation getting worse.

Blair reminisced about how well off the country was in '97 and how totally screwed it is now. Well - technically he tried to spin it the other way around. Still - he does hold a few records from his time in power: record tax hikes, record petrol prices, record bankruptcies, record hospital closures, record police failures, record levels of teenage drinking and pregnancy, record illegal immigration, record out-sourcing and record complete and utter fucking up of a country.


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