Riding with the lads

The weather is going through an unseasonably warm spell at the moment (and no, it's not global warming - it was hotter here at this time of the year in 1941 and 1960 than it is right now). Having been shamed into washing the bike by the bloke at work with a brand new Kawasaki Ninja, it was time to cover it in dead flies again. I managed to convince a couple of colleagues to take a short after-work ride this evening. Truth be told it didn't take any convincing - I phoned up and basically said "want to ride?" and 20 minutes later we were off. I'm glad we managed it because Motoboy and Squidney took off this afternoon for another ride but I wasn't keen to leave the three acceptance models I'm working on mid-stream so I turned them down.
So off we went up East Canyon and back. It was short but pleasant and we managed to worry a Tosser Hummer off the road too. Which was nice.


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