20:45 and the first proper day of testing is over. The debrief finished a few minutes ago. Things are looking good so far. We've got a few hours of time tonight mixed between us and the simulator boys. They took a real beating today so we're hoping they get their stuff sorted or it will bring the whole acceptance to a halt.
Mike and I weren't needed this morning so following the 23:30 dinner last night, I forced myself to get up with the birds (and the jackhammers outside the hotel) this morning and took myself over to Sentosa for a couple of hours. The cablecar ride was fun even if each of the cars was like a little Turkish sauna inside.

I went around the insect and butterfly exhibit on the island and the live butterfly cage was amazing. A huge outdoor netted-in habitat with literally thousands of butterflies doing their thing. Turns out that even in a target-rich environment, butterflies are actually pretty hard to photograph. They don't tend to settle anywhere for too long. The brilliant yellow and red ones all seemed to stay higher up so I had to settle for this one as my close-up...


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