I believe that's what I was uttering at this exact moment:

It's hard to tell from the photo but we're doing probably 70 or 80mph at this point, having just done a 90 degree, 200ft vertical drop. Everyone's shorts in the front row give the speed away, and that would be me, on the far left of the front row. This is Sheikra - the floorless dropcoaster at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, where I spent the day doing my own thing. Every time I come down to this damn trade show I forget to schedule a free day and every time I get on the plane to go home I say "buggger!". Not this time though.
I rode all the coasters, but I rode this one the most - I lost count. I was expecting Kumba or Montu to be the fave, but for me, this Sheikra thing was the dog's winkie. The weather was great - slightly clouds and mild - and the queue time for all the rides was zero. It was brilliant to be able to just walk up and get on.
Having said that, I'm knackered.


Mark N. said…
I also always wanted to plan an extra day to go have fun. I am way envious of you!!!
Chris said…
Yeah - it's only taken me five years to remember :-)

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