Another reason not to shop at SprawlMart

I called SprawlMart's credit card fraud department this morning to get some info on how my card had been used, and it turns out that they don't particularly care about credit card fraud involving other banks - they only care if it happened with a SprawlMart own brand card. In other words, they're quite happy to take money off stolen cards and not give a damn, and then they're quite happy to be totally unhelpful about the situation. Quality.

Honestly I don't understand why that place exists. They spread like viruses, paying off planning departments, paying off councils and cities so they can put huge (and largely useless) stores in the places guaranteed to most piss off local residents, which in turn makes the housing market in the area plummet. They sell the cheapeast, lowest quality shit I've ever seen. Their stores are filthy and full of half-dressed white-trash. They barely pay their employees minimum wage and the they cost regular tax payers up to $2.5billion in the form of federal assistance programs each year. (by failing to provide their workers with affordable health care - they've already cost American taxpayers $210billion)

I mean seriously - what's the appeal of working or shopping there? Is it that you can merrily use stolen credit cards without worrying about being caught? It must be something like that because otherwise I just don't get it. But then again, I don't understand the appeal of NASCAR racing either and I've often heard it said on a NASCAR race day that the aisles of SprawlMart must be empty on those days.


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