Darwin strikes again. Parent wants to blame driver.

On the news tonight there was a story about a 15 year old girl who was killed last night when she tried to cross I-15, at night, in the snow, on foot. That's a classic Darwin trifecta if ever I heard of one, and the outcome was exactly what you'd expect.
Here's where it got weird though : in the press conference, the distraught mother said she wanted the driver to own up to his or her responsibility in the accident and come forward.

Wait - what?

No. I'm sorry. The driver in this accident is in now way, shape or form responsible for anything. You walk across 4 lanes of 75mph traffic at night, you die. Simple. I have sympathy for the family of the dead girl, but I have no sympathy for anyone trying to blame the driver for this death. This was 100% the responsibility of the girl who dies. Shit - if it was an 18-wheeler that hit her, the driver probably doesn't even know it happened.


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