Self-righteous old bastard.

I dropped Paula off at the shop this afternoon and turned up the next street to loop around and go back home. I was barely touching 20mph when this doddering old coot who was cleaning the snow off his car threw a snowball at me, mouthing off about something.

I stopped, wound my window down and backed up the two car lengths that I'd gone past him, and asked him what his problem was.

Old coot : "You need to slow down!"
Me : "From 20? The speed limit up here is 25!"
Old coot : "You were doing at least 45, maybe 50"
Me : "You know that's funny, because my speedometer said 20. Would you like to step into my car and I'll show you what 50 looks like up this road?"
Old coot : "You were doing 50. I watched you!"
Me : "You measured that with a radar gun did you?"
Old coot : "No. I just know."
Me : "And that gives you the right to throw a snowball at a moving car, almost causing an accident does it?"
Old coot : "You deserved it."
Me : "For what? Listen you old bastard. If I'd been doing 50mph, how would I have been able to stop on a slippery road in two car lengths? Did you think of that?"
Old coot : "You were speeding, you deserve to be punished!"
Me : "Whatever. You're mental. You shouldn't be allowed outside you old bastard."

I drove off before I was taken with the urge to get out kick the shit out him.


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