Hope tries the just-out-of-the-shower look.

Jan 24, 2008 | | |

Our local Fox news anchor, Hope Woodside, tried on a new look last night. 'Just got out of the shower' hair with a low buttoned white top almost showing cleavage. Now I like Hope - a lot - I think she's a babe. But given that I live in Mormonia, I'm sure someone will have something to say about this. Most of the days she gets it just right but she does occasionally have some way-off days when it looks like she's pissed off the makeup lady. You can tell those days - her rouge or blusher is a radioactive orange. Either that or the camera operator lost control of the colour.


  1. Ed says:

    No matter what Hope does, what clothes she puts on or what she puts or doesn't put on her face...SHE'S THE WOMAN! All other women run for second place!