Next up : the oxygen surcharge.

So this is what it's come down to.
The airlines shoved all the seats closer together. Then they took away pillows and blankets and hot food. Then they added charges for drinks, snacks ($4 for a fucking biscuit???) and headphones. Then they added charges for legroom, exit row, aisle or window seats.

Today American announced that you now have to cough up $15 each way for your first checked bag. They say it's to cover the increased cost of fuel. But that's in addition to the compound 12.5% hike in ticket prices and the $25 each way charge for a second bag that were also attributed to the increased cost of fuel.

The airlines are doing everything in their power to make their form of transport as miserable and torturous an experience as possible, and they're doing it very well. Backscatter X-ray machines, bomb sniffers, the dim-witted TSA morons and the 'no belt or shoes' security lines have conspired to make the airport experience bad enough as it is.

Next up, then, the oxygen surcharge.
"Oh - you want to breathe whilst you're flying with us? That'll be an extra $50 each way sir."


Anonymous said…
And the obligatory ticket price hike to boot.

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