868 miles in three days.

Oct 5, 2008 | | |

I got back from my little weekend away in Idaho on my motorbike a couple of hours ago. 868 miles in three days, dodging thunderstorms and rain clouds all the way around. I was well pleased - didn't get properly wet at all. I did have one thunderstorm encounter but I'd already suited up with full waterproofs by the time I got to it. Rain so thick I couldn't see the road, hail stones, lightning and thunder. Hail stones really hurt when you're rushing through them on a motorbike at 80mph.
The trip was a success - I spent most of the time plugged in to my iPod shuffle. I took the new Legacy Highway out of Salt Lake City, up to Logan, then on to Preston in Idaho for lunch. (Home of Napoleon Dynamite). There's some backwards people in that town, that's for sure.
Quick pit stop in Pocatello for petrol then on to Twin Falls for the overnight stay. On saturday I went up to Boise to get the bike serviced at Big Twin motorcycles, then rode back to Twin Falls for another overnight stay. Today I came back home by going south out of Twin Falls to Wells, Nevada, then out to Wendover, and finally east across the Bonneville salt flats back to SLC.

It was a nice trip. The tailpack on the bike gave me something to lean back against on the long hauls, and the music from my iPod kept me entertained. I shall do the same thing next year I think....