What to do ?

Okay I understand that the stock market dive equates to 'paper loss' for us - we don't need to remortgage the house, we're not retiring soon. But even so it's still disconcerting to see so much value go down the toilet. I know we need a big financial adjustment, and this is it, but even so...

What I don't agree with is why I, a law-abiding taxpayer, with very little debt other than the house, am being punished for the idiocy of corporate greed and people with bad credit. Why should I pay higher taxes to bailout the losers who have defaulted on their mortgages? Our neighbour works with a 21-year-old who has a $500,000 mortgage on a 6000 sq. foot house, and a $40,000 brand new truck, with a motorbike, a jetski and a powerboat. The only one he owns the title for is the truck, because he took out a home equity loan to pay for it. So he owes $540,000 on his house, and by his own admission, hasn't made a payment in over a year.

Why am I having to pay for this person?

Shouldn't the banks be taking his toys off him and selling them to recover some of the money? Shouldn't his mortgage company be repossessing his house to recover their losses? Why does he get to Lord it with all his toys and massive debt, at my expense.

If ever there was a time for the NRA to march on Washington and kill every member of the house, senate and government, this is it.


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