I swear either our IT department or Windows or both are conspiring to give us machines that are so goddamn slow you can't actually do any work on them. I sat here this morning waiting for 15 minutes for Photoshop to open a 50Mb TIF image. For whatever reason, Windows decided it needed 6.6Gb of pagefile to do that.
Now every time I touch a file or open explorer, any music that's playing skips and jumps. I can watch windows redrawing almost a line at a time.
I don't know why we put up with stuff like this - I mean you'd think a dual dual-core 4.4Ghz machine with 8Gb of RAM might actually run Windows, but apparently you'd be wrong.


Mark N. said…
It is not Windows or your computer that are the is our IT department and the nanny-ware they put on. When you are ready to join the dark-side (Ant, Jesse, Ben, Bob, and myself) you will soon see the full potential of your x64 machine.
Anonymous said…
You want to try multitasking custom databases and macros on a 900MHZ Celeron system with 368MB RAM. :-( Tight B*******

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