Avatar 3D - a followup post

So after talking to a bunch of colleagues this morning, it turns out there's a reason Avatar looked so appalling last night. The cinema we went to uses Dolby 3D, not Real-D. Dolby's version is the cheapskate "retrofit your old projector" version of 3D that uses wavelength interference (read: colour reduction) instead of circular polarisation. In short - we got royally screwed. Larry Miller cheaped out and is probably using 4 year old projectors with 4 year old bulbs. It explains the crushing eye strain, the differences in reflections on metal surfaces between the left and right eyes, and the abysmal lack of colour in the film. It explains why people describe Pandora as vibrant and colourful, and why we saw a dull, lifeless, almost grey world. It explains why the picture we saw was not bright - the Dolby 3D glasses cut down so much light that it's like wearing sunglasses indoors. The Real-D versions are almost transparent in comparison.
That's pissed me off.


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